So today I’d like to talk about the concept of time. Time both has positive and negative effects on our lives whether you choose to believe it or not. As humans we tend to focus more on the negative aspects of time. The fact is as time continues on its constant pace you are aging becoming more mature or reaching the end of your marvellous adventure. It may sound horrid, I know but unfortunately we can’t bend time. You see these are simple truths but what bothers me is that we as humans tend to let time change our perspectives and views upon life. Remember when you were a child waking up, hearing mother about in the kitchen serving up some breakfast. You could barely keep the excitement hidden away. Wondering about what adventure awaits you today. People let us to believe that the life of a child is simple. While the life of an adult, on the other hand is so overwhelmingly complicated. Have you ever thought that maybe you are the one complicating things. Letting your child like enthusiasm and excitement evaporate with all the old memories which you feel is unimportant. Maybe just maybe if you were more like a child all the small things in your life would mean so much more. You would be at peace with the world, if I may say it like that. Life consists out of three stages namely: the child stage- in this stage time seems to last for eternities. The middle age stage- time here seems to move so fast that you can’t seem to catch your breath or live for the matter. The departing stage- here again time seems to slow its pace and drag on for infinity. In the end time is actually constant. It can not slow or fasten, its pace is eternal. It is up to you to make the most of each moment and live life as it was intended to. Full of passion and curiosity. Use all your opportunities grab every moment because now is all ready in the past…


A New perspective

In our modern society people tend to place us in boxes, categorize us, judge us sometime’s in ways we don’t understand. After time we get so use to seeking the acceptance of others rather than finding our own individuality. Our little box that we are thrown in becomes a comfort for some and to others it is a burden. We are so scared in trying something different being different that we dare not take any risks let alone new challenges or opportunities. Why do you want to live in that box? You were born different. Your DNA, your personality, your ideas, your visions and hopes they are all so incredibly different and perfect down to the last detail. Why change something so extraordinary to fit in? I know how you feel. Take it from someone who is still to this day struggling to see who she is under the masks she wears. Considering my self-esteem is so low how else would i cope? I am what you call a pessimist but today i am thinking about taking on a new perspective. Turning a leaf as one would say. The world might be a dark and scary place with no white rabbit to lead us down a little hole into wonderland but it is up to us to leave a little magic in this world. I dare you to stand out…Leave your mark on this world and show everyone that there is still hope left. I am taking on a new perspective…Will you?

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