September 2016

How can you love me?

She asks one too many times a day.

How can a single human be so utterly perfect?

I’d ask myself over and over.

Yet how can he not see I’ll be his downfall?

Does he not fear the black liquid of my soul seeping

trough the cracks of my crumbling beauty.

Do you not see the truth?

You’ll break one day, no one can tame the fury…

of my wild heart.

None the less thank you for trying to love me…


Pawn in the game of life…

What is the relevance of us as humans, when all we are, is broken chess pieces which life chooses to play one too many times. Drunk on the idea that love could fix us when in reality it only breaks you more. I for one am tired of feeling broken and rejected. I am a pawn. I have no king, no plays, none to serve thus I am nothing. Could i have not been more wrong. I may be weak but I have one advantage over the strong I have something to prove. I will over come this darkness and i shan’t ever stop fighting. Neither should you…

I’m sorry I have not been writing a lot lately. Life has given me one too many knocks if I’m being honest and I’ve been struggling to deal with everything. I actually believe the salty liquid which flow from my eyes have started to stain my face. Silly i know, but I’m better now. I’m learning how to play the game and soon everything will be as they use to. With this dark hole i sat in I lost my will to write and pretty much do anything…Tonight is different! I feel good again. Just know you are stronger than you think and braver than you let on to be and you’ll make it trough it, I promise.

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