John green said: “my thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” Thoughts are arrangements of ideas as a result of the act of thinking just as stars are arranged into constellations.
You star, yes you the one whom consists out of seventy percent water. Why do you ponder over your astrology? You raise your eyes to the future always seeking your destiny in the stars. Do you not know all our emotions are different? Do you not see that your future is in your hands? Hold your tongue child and breathe. For you are a dreamer and one day your thoughts and emotions will make you a constellation.
Star, why do cherish your astronomy so much? Is it after all not only your anatomy? All stars consist out of a head, ears, face, eyes, cheeks, nose and much more. Your anatomy does not make you unique or loveable. Star, stop idolising your astronomy and start loving your personality, your soul and all your values. One day astronomy will fade and all that will remain is you.
Star, why do you cleave to your mythology? Is it not only rumours made to build or break the gods? You and only you should be the one telling about your marvellous adventures. Do not let the rumours define you for you are a star and all stars deserve to twinkle.
Hush now star, for you will one day be a constellation. After all the darkest skies produce the brightest of stars. Galileo said: “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”